Vilnius and other European Capitals through the prism of Auxiliary Historical Sciences (Vilnius – Lithuania, 15-16 June 2023)

The Lithuanian Institute of History, the Library of the Polish Academy of Arts and Science, Cracow, and the Lithuanian Heraldry Commission are organizing the international conference, “Vilnius and other European Capitals through the prism of Auxiliary Historical Sciences” which will take place in the Lithuanian Institute of History on 15-16 June 2023 to mark the Seven Hundredth Anniversary of the City of Vilnius.

The Conference’s aim is to investigate the history of Vilnius and other European historical, provisional and permanent capitals, and their interconnections, similarities and differences during the Middle Ages and Modern Times, and their impact and reception in later periods with the aid of Auxiliary Historical Sciences, viz.: heraldry, genealogy, sphragistics, vexillology, legal archaeology, diplomatics, palaeography, codicology, archival studies, biography, demography, chronology, historical geography and so on.

The meeting is mainly devoted to students of the Auxiliary Historical Sciences but also to scholars whose research includes the history of Vilnius and/or other European capital cities.

Conference languages are Lithuanian, Polish, English and German.

Participants are asked to kindly inform the Conference Organizers in which language they propose to present their paper along with the title of the paper and an abstract before 1 March 2023 at the following address:   

The Organizing Committee will inform participants of their decision by 6 March 2023.

There is no conference fee.

More on the Conference here: