Ukrainian Heraldry Society – 33rd Heraldic Conference (13 October 2023, Lviv)

The 33rd Heraldic Conference of the Ukrainian Heraldry Society, dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Shevchenko Scientific Society (13 October 2023 Lviv)

Conference program

1. Mykola Chmyr, PhD (Kyiv) – “Different Approaches: Sleeve Emblems of the 3rd and 4th Separate Tank Brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”;

2. Mykhailo Slobodianyuk, PhD, Colonel (Lviv) – “The Sixth Stage of Development of Sleeve Insignia of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Initial Attempts of Analysis”;

3. Oleksandr Tseluykо, PhD (Lviv) – “The Shevchenko Scientific Society and Development of Special (Auxiliary) Historical Disciplines in Lviv from the Late 19th Century to 1939”;

4. Roman Holiy, PhD (Lviv) – “Photographs from the Ukrainian Exhibition in Brussels in 1929: From the Collection of the Museum of the Shevchenko Scientific Society”;

5. Andrii Grechylo, ScD, AIH (Lviv) – “Special (Auxiliary) Historical Disciplines in the Restored Shevchenko Scientific Society in Ukraine (since 1990)”;

6. Ivan Svarnyk (Lviv) – “On the Organization of the Heraldry and Sphragistics Department at the Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv”;

7. Vitalii Manzurenko (Lviv) – “The 80th Anniversary of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army and its Commemorative Awards”;

8. Maxym Tsarenko (Vinnytsia) – “Awards of the State Emergency Service Employees with State Awards in 2022: Statistical Analysis”;

9. Mykola Omelchenko (Slovyansk) – “Mistakes on Ukrainian Coins and Medals”;

10. Ihor Smutok, ScD, Prof (Drohobych) – “The History of the Perfetsky Family and the Origins of Roman Perfetsky, Ukrainian Public and Political Figure”;

11. Mykola Bryvko, PhD, Olha Bryvko (Kyiv) – “From the History of the Noble Family Remy”;

12. Iryna Skochylias, PhD (Lviv) – “Seals of Peremyshl Bishop Ivan Stupnytsky (1872-1890)”;

13. Ihor Sytyi, PhD (Chernihiv) – “Seal of the Dmytriv Church in the Town of Rososha”;

14. Andrii Sova, ScD, Prof (Lviv) – “Seals of the 18th Plast Kurin Named after Ivan Franko in Drohobych (1920s)”;

15. Ruslan Sertselevych (Lviv) – “Attempt to Attribute the Sculptures of Shield-Bearers on an Architectural Monument in Lviv”;

16. Ihor Kryvosheya, PhD, Prof (Uman) – “Branding of Uman and Uman Region in the Early 21st Century”;

17. Oleksandr Lisnychenko (Kyiv) – “Coat of Arms and Flag of the Village of Parafiyivka”;

18. Ihor Yanushkevych (Mykolaiv) – “Coat of Arms and Flag of the Village of Agronomiya”;

19. Rostyslav Kasyanenko (Munich) – “Heraldry as a Factor in the Formation of National Consciousness in Ukraine and Slovakia: Parallels – from the Princely Era to the «Spring of Nations»”.