“The Coat of Arms” series 4, vol. 6, no. 240 (2023)

Published by the Heraldry Society, the academic journal “The Coat of Arms” announces the current issue (series 4, vol. 6, no. 240 – 2023):

  • Steven ASHLEY – “A medieval stone cross base in the churchyard of St Mary the Virgin, Southery, bearing the arms of Stoke”;
  • Steven ASHLEY – “Arms for Woden: a late sixteenth-century manuscript folio in the College of Arms”;
  • Anthony BOSTOCK – “The Brereton Roll: a sixteenth-century heraldic pedigree”;
  • Paul CAMPBELL – “Heraldry and the authenticity of the digital record”;
  • Robert COLLEY – “The Hombreston Beast”;
  • Michael FOWLE – “A matter of difference”;
  • Paul A. FOX – “Lady Isabel Vernon and the lost arms of Harclay”;
  • Paul A. FOX – “Treasures of the Heraldry Society Bookplate Collection part 1: items of nautical interest”;
  • Peter N. LINDFIELD – “A corpus of the arms of King Edward VI”;
  • Rolf SUTTER – “The symbolism of the African nations part 2: graphic symbols as national emblems”;
  • John E. TITTERTON – “The grisaille and heraldic glass in the chancel at Norbury church, Derbyshire”;
  • Daria S. STAROSKOLSKAIA – “Heraldic nous in Huon de Mery’s ‘Tournament of the Antichrist.’”;
  • Stanford A. STEWART and Paul A. FOX – “The buckle in heraldry”.
  • Philip ALLFREY – Ghermani and D’Annoville, Image et Droit: du ius imaginis au droit à l’image, book review;
  • Philip ALLFREY – Cunningham, Curry, and Dryburgh, Status, Identity and Authority: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern Archives and Heraldry presented to Adrian Ailes, book review.