The Chief Herald of the Nederlands Genootschap voor Heraldiek (Dutch Heraldry Society), our colleague Klaas Padberg Evenboer aih, informed us about the newly-printed volume MISCELLANIA HERALDICA II. Mengelingen over wapenkunde en aanverwante niet eerder gepubliceerd in Heraldicum Disputationes, by Marc Van de Cruys, AIH (red.) (Homunculus, 2022, 340 pages, in Dutch language).

Containing texts that were not previously published in the Flemish heraldic magazine “Heraldicum Disputationes”, the volume is a richly illustrated with photos and drawings of more than 650 coats of arms (including 92 municipal arms) and various genealogical tables. Most articles were written by Marc Van de Cruys, the other resulting from the collaboration with other authors. A selection of the contents: The coats of arms on the tomb of the Oudenburg abbot Albert Frederik Taye in Wemmel; The Seven Noble Houses of Brussels; The obiit of Theresia Maria van Susteren; The municipal coat of arms of ‘s-Gravenwezel; About art, tombs and dog collars: Roose’s dog; Two stamp matrices of De Carnin and Le Poyvre; “The new municipal house style” or the misrecognition and loss of eight hundred years of heritage; The tombstone and coat of arms of Karel van den Heetvelde; Joanna von Wasservas and Thomas Hütter: their arms and their families; The coats of arms of the Belgian and Dutch mission bishops of the Congregation of Scheut in China; About the design of flowers in heraldry; The Seven Noble Families of Louvain; To America and back: The Stier family, their coat of arms and Maryland; Wax seals of Brouchoven and of Berlaer in Antwerp deeds; The arms of Van Havre and Della Faille on the “Dellafaille bridge” in Boekenbergpark; The stained glass window by Pieter van Dorp; The arms of Wuustwezel: The votive painting of Wouter van der Noot and Digna van Grimbergen; A coat of arms in the abbey of Averbode with the blazons Halloint and Jacquet; About hands in heraldry; The family and coat of arms of Jan van Eelen (ca. 1625–1695); About the origin of the coat of arms of the family Van Bergen and that of the municipality of Zemst; The coat of arms of the noble family von Westerholt und Gysenberg.