“Manual of Heraldic Art and Armory”, by George Shinas (Greece)

George Shinas’ Manual of Heraldic Art and Armory (the history, customs and evolution of Arms Armorial from the middle ages to the modern era) (self-published, 2023, 410 pp.) is the first book on such subject in Greek language since 1929.

The author was kind enough to send us a broader presentation of his volume, which we reproduce below:

The volume introduces terms and definitions of the science of heraldry, both traditional and new, accompanied by a vast number of images. The latter consist of about 120 black and white escutcheons of Ordinaries, Divisions and other heraldic Charges (animals, mythological beings, plants and inanimate objects) mostly hand drawn by the author. Also there is a section of sixteen full-page color works of the author, who has been a heraldic artist, calligrapher and illuminator for the last twenty years. The photographic pictures that are presented come from the archive of the Heraldry Society (www.theheraldrysociety.com), by kind permission.

The book firstly tells the story of Heraldry from the time of its first appearance, with a short mention to the so-called “prehistory of Armory”, to the modern times, interpreting it thematically and introducing information that is not available as gathered in the available Greek literature.

It reveals aspects of the art and science of Heraldry, after a thorough study of the works of the most reputable experts in foreign literature, looking back at the primary sources and works of previous centuries with a critical, scientific attitude and global approach.

Finally, it presents as gathered for the first time, the Coats of Arms of Greek dignitaries of the past, as well as of the modern era, through a quality display of his own hand made work.