Dutch heraldic magazine “BLAZOEN”

The Chief Herald of the Nederlands Genootschap voor Heraldiek (Dutch Heraldry Society), our colleague Klaas Padberg Evenboer aih, informed us about the publication of a new issue of the heraldic magazine BLAZOEN (vol. 8, nr. 3– July, August, September 2022 – 108 pp.).

The current issue contains studies by Frans Wetzels, Ad J. de Jong, Bernard Grothues, Tom Metselaars, Klaas Padberg Evenboer, and Ad Overgaag, with a book review by Tom Metselaars. A list of recently recorded coats of arms and two obituaries (for the former president John A.M.S. Halie de Hallois and for Martien J.A. Veekens), are also included in the current number, as well as other heraldic information.

We also noticed the new medal with ribbon of the Dutch Heraldry Society, worn exclusively by the Chief Herald. A PDF version of the current edition of BLAZOEN is available below here.