AIH – 74

The history of the Académie Internationale d’Héraldique started in 9 February 1949, when the first statutes were issued in Paris by a group of scholars: Paul Adam-Éven, Charles Ariès, count Thierry de Limburg Stirum, Jacques Meurgey de Tupigny, Eugène Olivier, Louis Wirion and baron Gaston Stalins – the latter becoming the Academy’s first President.

Appearing as an association under French law, the Academy’s initial purpose was to gather and disseminate heraldic studies from France and other countries.

The first AIH emblem was designed in 1949 by the French artist and engraver Pierre Munier. The first inner regulation came into force in 1950, while the first Bureau was constituted in 1952. The same year, the Academy published a Vocabulaire-atlas héraldique in six languages. In 1953, the AIH initiated the publication of releases in “Archives héraldiques suisses”. And the history of the Academy has continued without interruptions up to the present day.

More on the beginnings of the AIH: (by Michel Popoff, AIH) († by Hervé baron Pinoteau, AIH)