2022 Heraldic Day of the Dutch Heraldry Society (NGH)

Our colleague Klaas Padberg Evenboer, aih, Chief Herald of the Nederlands Genootschap voor Heraldiek / Dutch Heraldry Society (NGH), shared with us his impressions on the annual Heraldic Day, organized the 16th October 2022 in the beautifully-landscaped medieval Catharina chapel in Harderwijk:

The day was well attended and the visitors were able to attend three lectures and a heraldry market. The day started with a speech by the newly-elected chairman of the NGH, drs. Hans Duitgenius, in which he also reflected the great achievements of the late John Halie dit de Hallois, the former chairman.

Dr. ir. Ralf Hartemink of the University of Wageningen, and moderator of the website “Heraldry of the World” discussed the civic arms in Gerrit Hesman’s armorial of 1708 and the sources he had used to compile this armorial. Prof. dr. Luc Duerloo, AIH, of the University of Antwerp discussed the representations of saints in the municipal heraldry of the Low Countries (“When the Saints went marching in”). Fred van der Zwan gave a presentation about the search for grants of arms in the Austrian State Archives in relationship with his German ancestry.

The heraldry market had stands with the heraldic artists Prisca van Dessel, Trudie Demoed and William Coolen. The Central Bureau of Genealogy with the heraldic artist and writer Guus van Breugel, the heraldic books seller Rob Meijerink and goldsmith Iwan Klein were also present.

Catharina chapel in Harderwijk
NGH chairman Hans Duitgenius
Ralf Hartemink (“Heraldry of the World”)
Luc Duerloo in conversation with heraldic artist William Coolen
Treasurer of the NGH Wibo Boswijk and heraldic artist Prisca van Dessel
Baton, badge and beret of the chief herald of the NGH